Summer Road Trips and the Perfect Place “To Go”

A guest blog I did on the Blog Broad

The Blog Broad

A guest blog post by Ocean Hayward

Road trip

It’s summer road trip season, and I’ve been partaking all summer long so far. My husband and I have been driving back and forth around the Maritimes visiting friends and family. Yes, summer road trips- those long trips in the car filled with highways lined with nothing but trees for miles and miles, rest-stops, gas stations, fast food and sitting in the same position for hours on end, squirming around in the seat trying to find that sweet spot where your legs, neck and back don’t ache. And, of course, holding in your business until the next rest-stop or exit.

Growing up, I went on a lot of family road trips in the summer. My father generally drove and one thing about my father is he is always in a hurry. He hates traveling, so whenever we went on our trips, he wanted…

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