TRASH OR TREASURE in the Lost and Never-Found Basement- Enter my contest today!

I decided that from now on, whenever I do laundry, I will focus in on a few of the items I have discovered in the Lost and Never-Found Basement and take photos of them. If you want more information on the Lost and Never-Found Basement, please refer to my original post: Hoarders: The Secrets that Hide Beneath

Please enjoy my finds and enter my contest. Simply comment on this post; share with me what items you would trash or treasure; and explain why they are trash or treasure. I will decide on my favorite post based on which response gives me the greatest belly laugh. The lucky winner will win a fabulous box of rubber bands, pictured above. Use them to tie up your hair; to roll up posters; to keep various items, like pens and pencils,  together; to keep your chips from going stale; or simply use them as entertainment. Imagine the fun you can have aiming these elastic bands across the room at your spouse, child, grammy, or [insert a person who annoys you here] and getting them right in the face! The Trash or Treasure Contest is sponsored by the show Hoarders. Enter today!

Fine print: Contest rules may vary according to my mood. No affiliation with the makers of elastic bands. Entries with more than 3 spelling, punctuation and/or grammatical errors will be disqualified (Yes, I AM an English teacher.) Warning: elastic bands may have been made in China or some other place known for using cancerous chemicals; also, the elastic bands may contain traces of dust, mold, spiders, bugs and other critters known for hanging out in dank, dark, moist and cool areas. Some of the rubber bands may be broken or too old to be stretchy anymore. Contest closes whenever I feel like it. More details to follow on the close date.

YUMMY! Custard, anyone? There’s no expiry date on it, so it must still be good, right?
Awww…the old days of electric typewriters. Did anyone else take Typing in High School? Typing, the class, I mean. I purposely capitalized it because it was the course title. I must say, it was the most useful class I ever took, even though it wasn’t “university preparatory,” it served me well for writing university essays and for the writing I’m doing at this very moment.
Old carpet. You know, because when you tear up old carpet and put in new carpet, you should always keep that old carpet. I mean, you just NEVER know when you might need to use that old carpet again.

On Vinyl… in fact, there are tons of record albums down there.

You never know when you’ll need an elastic. I’m glad someone had the foresight to put them all together in a box. It’s too bad they will never be found if they’re ever needed, but some lucky OhWordsBlog reader is going to win this WHOLE box of rubber bands! It could be YOU! Remember to comment on this post with your trash or treasure pick and all this could be YOURS!



7 thoughts on “TRASH OR TREASURE in the Lost and Never-Found Basement- Enter my contest today!

    1. We’ve thought about it, to be honest. But I don’t think I could do it without getting permission. I’m horrible, but unfortunately my conscience gets in the way sometime… Maybe…they certainly won’t be missed.

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