I think we can do better… Blogmas 22

Hospitals and Christmas shouldn’t go together but sometimes it’s inevitable. 

Christmas is often a very hard time for a lot of people. Is that statistic still relevant? The one about Christmas time being when the most suicides happen? I believe it.

Christmas is such a special time of year for a lot of people. People with families, friends and money. But for others, it’s a lonely time. Shut-ins. Seniors. People who are estranged from their families. Those who live in poverty.

Sometimes people are secretly struggling and you don’t know until it’s too late or maybe they reach out for help in time, but no one listens. Or the doctors say it’s not serious enough. It isn’t until they rant and rave for hours on end or when they say something about how they took pictures of Christmas eve for the kiddies. “What did you take pictures of?” Santa and Mrs. Claus fucking. 

Take the time this Christmas to remember those not as fortunate as yourself. Instead of money, share your time. Ask people how they’re doing, not in that superficial way, but how they’re really doing. And listen. If we all stopped being such big liars, maybe people wouldn’t hide their fears, feelings and anxieties. We’re all fucked up. We all are. But we hide it. We hide it with lovely photos of our families, friends, vacations on Facebook. But when you dig deeper, every one has secrets. Ugly secrets.  They’re there. And if you try to tell me your life is all roses and lollipops, then just wait for it. There’s someone or something waiting around the corner to smear shit on it.

Maybe if we stopped judging others for being weak…if we started supporting each other more… I think we can do better. 

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